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Construction accident cases can be incredibly difficult to take on, as an experienced Midtown Manhattan, NY construction accident lawyer knows. When you are up against a powerful construction company, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need to improve your chances of getting a successful case. If you have any questions about how to file a construction accident claim, do not wait to contact a lawyer near you so that you can get the help that you deserve. Look to a trusted and accomplished firm such as The Eskesen Law Firm to obtain access to legal services. When clients turn to the Eskesen Law Firm when they are in need of legal services, they will be given the highest quality legal support. With decades of combined legal experience, our team of skilled and exceptional lawyers are prepared to take on your case and find the best solutions that will work in your favor. We have been able to recover millions of dollars for our clients who have been injured in terrible personal injury accidents. You deserve nothing less than the compensation that you deserve, and our team will not stop until you achieve the outcome that you should get.

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How A Lawyer Can Assist You

Hiring a lawyer to work on your construction accident claim has many benefits. Clients can receive personalized assistance as they go through their case. A Midtown Manhattan construction acident lawyer can review the key evidence and reach out to the parties involved in order to get more information and build your case. We will contact the insurance company and negotiate with them until you are able to get the settlement that you deserve. Claimants deserve to get the guidance that they need so that they can achieve an excellent case result and be able to move forward in their life following their accident. 


How Construction Accidents Happen 

A construction accident can happen unexpectedly and in places where you may least expect it. Accidents can happen in just about any scenario, such as walking along the street, by a grocery store or passing a large apartment. Construction zones are noisy, full of dangerous hazards and can be confusing to navigate if there are many signs and barriers. However, preventable accidents can happen due to negligent actions made by the workers or construction company. If you have been in an accident, find out who may be liable by contacting a lawyer near you. 


Explore Your Legal Options 

Construction accident claims can be a challenge to tackle, but with a lawyer’s help you are more likely to achieve the outcome you want and deserve. There are no options available if you have been injured in a construction accident and need urgent help. As a victim, you should not have to deal with all of the complexities of working on a claim alone. There are legal services available if you act quickly. Find out how you can schedule a free and risk-free consultation with a trusted Midtown Manhattan construction accident lawyer from The Eskesen Law Firm right away.



At The Eskesen Law Firm, we independently investigate all injury claims that we handle. Our Midtown Manhattan-based law firm is focused on high-quality service and obtaining the maximum compensation our clients deserve. We account for your medical needs, time away from work, daily cost of living expenses, family needs and any psychological damages that you may have suffered, and we fight for your recovery.

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Our attorneys with over 20 years of experience and numerous successes obtaining six- and seven-figure awards on behalf of clients facing challenging circumstances.

We hold negligent and reckless parties accountable for serious injuries. Whether another driver or a defective auto part is found to be the cause of the auto accident, we help you get justice in your best interests. We will stand up to any defense firm to help our clients obtain compensation beyond insurance company offers.

Do not accept an initial insurance company offer regardless of the circumstances. It is critical that you first speak with one of our lawyers, who can help you understand your full rights and interests in an injury claim.

From taxi accidents to truck accidents, we handle all types of vehicle accidents in New York City, including those involving seemingly minor head injuries, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.


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