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Handling a personal injury claim is a demanding task, as a Midtown Manhattan, NY pedestrian accident lawyer understands. For many clients who have been in pedestrian accidents, the claims process is overwhelming and stressful. A seasoned lawyer knows that filing a claim may be the last thing that you want to do, which is why hiring a lawyer may serve your best interests. Hiring a lawyer like one from The Eskesen Law Firm can help you maximize your compensation so that you do not conclude the case with less than optimal results.

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The Eskesen Law Firm has served clients for many years, specializing in personal injury accident cases such as pedestrian accidents. When clients are in need of legal advice to help them navigate a claim and obtain the best possible case results, they have turned to our team for help. When you hire a lawyer from our firm, you can expect to receive the quality legal services that you are looking for. Our passionate and knowledgeable team will work hard to help you prepare your case and recover the settlement that you deserve. 


Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian accident can be caused by many different things, from distracted driving to reckless behaviors on the road. Pedestrians are more prone to suffering from severe injuries because there is no barrier between them and the vehicle when they are struck. Speeding, failing to look in all directions, and failing to yield are just some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents. Another common cause of pedestrian accidents is drunk driving and poor weather conditions. The cause of a pedestrian accident is not always clear, so a lawyer will review the findings of investigators to determine how an accident occurred. 


Evidence For Your Case

Some of the things that lawyers can do to build your case is to gather evidence like photos, videos and police reports. Photos of injuries and the accident scene can greatly strengthen a pedestrian accident claim., as a Midtown Manhattan pedestrian accident lawyer can explain. They will also see if any witnesses were available who have seen the accident and can give further details about what led to the accident and who was at fault. If you have any type of evidence, have a lawyer review them so that they will see if it can support your case. 


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Proceeding with a personal injury claim may not be something that you are eager to do. However, it is worth the time, cost and effort if it means that you will be able to recoup your significant losses following an accident.  You do not need to settle for anything less than you deserve. With the guidance legal supp[ort given by an experienced and highly qualified lawyer who has assisted many pedestrian accident victims with their claim, you are more likely to get the outcome that you deserve. For more information, set up a consultation at no cost with a trusted Midtown Manhattan lawyer like one from The Eskesen Law Firm right away.



At The Eskesen Law Firm, we independently investigate all injury claims that we handle. Our Midtown Manhattan-based law firm is focused on high-quality service and obtaining the maximum compensation our clients deserve. We account for your medical needs, time away from work, daily cost of living expenses, family needs and any psychological damages that you may have suffered, and we fight for your recovery.

It is common for accidents involving pedestrians to result in many economic and non-economic damages, as an experienced Midtown Manhattan, NY pedestrian accident lawyer knows too well. In such cases, hiring a skilled pedestrian lawyer becomes crucial to ensure that the rights and interests of the injured party are protected. This article explores the importance of hiring a pedestrian lawyer, provides an overview of how to file an accident claim, and outlines the necessary steps to file a personal injury claim.

The Importance of Hiring a Pedestrian Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents often involve complex legal issues, and victims may face challenges in seeking compensation from the responsible party. If you hire a lawyer who has specific experience working on pedestrian-related accident cases, you have a higher chance of securing the fair compensation you deserve. These legal professionals possess the knowledge and experience to navigate the intricacies of the legal system, ensuring that victims receive the justice they deserve.

Pedestrian lawyers offer several key advantages, including:

Legal Expertise: Pedestrian lawyers specialize in personal injury law and understand the specific legal principles and regulations governing such cases.
Case Evaluation: They can assess the merits of a case and determine the potential for obtaining compensation.
Negotiation and Representation: Lawyers can negotiate with insurance companies and, if necessary, represent their clients in court, ensuring their rights are protected.

How to File an Accident Claim

There are several steps involved when filing a pedestrian accident claim, as a Midtown Manhattan pedestrian accident lawyer can tell you more about. The process typically involves the following steps:

  • Gathering Evidence: Collect relevant information, including photographs, witness statements, police reports, and medical records.
  • Identifying Responsible Parties: Determine who is at fault for the accident, which may include the driver, local government, or vehicle manufacturer.
  • Contacting Insurance Companies: Do not forget to follow up with the insurance company so that you can inform them of the accident details.
  • Documenting Damages: Keep records of medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, and any other financial losses incurred due to the accident.
  • Seeking Legal Assistance: Consult with a pedestrian lawyer who can guide you through the complex legal process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Steps to File a Personal Injury Claim

When filing a personal injury claim, the following steps are typically involved:

  • Consultation with a Lawyer: Seek out the legal services of a reliable and qualified lawyer who is knowledgeable about pedestrian accident cases.
  • Preparation of the Claim: Your lawyer will gather evidence, evaluate damages, and compile a comprehensive claim document.
  • Negotiation and Settlement: The lawyer will negotiate with the responsible party or their insurance company to reach a fair settlement.
  • Litigation, if Necessary: In the event of unsuccessful negotiations, your lawyer will file a lawsuit and represent you in court.
  • Case Resolution: The case will proceed to trial, where evidence will be presented, and a judgment will be rendered.

Pedestrian accidents can have devastating consequences, and it is essential to hire a pedestrian lawyer to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve. By understanding the process of filing an accident claim and the steps involved in filing a personal injury claim, victims can navigate the legal complexities with confidence. Seeking legal assistance is a critical step towards ensuring that justice is served and that victims can focus on their recovery while their legal matters are skillfully handled by experienced professionals. Learn how you can obtain services from a qualified Midtown Manhattan pedestrian accident lawyer by calling The Eskesen Law Firm now.

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