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It may be a good idea to contact a reliable and accomplished Midtown Manhattan, NY personal injury lawyer if you are in need of urgent legal assistance after getting into an accident. If you have suffered many types of losses or major injuries, do not wait to contact a lawyer for legal assistance. There is limited time to file a claim, so if you wait too long, you may not be able to get it in time. Too often, many people do not try to see what kind of help they can receive, and end up getting a much lower compensation than they are entitled to get. Find out what information you should know about your case by meeting with a lawyer like one from The Eskesen Law Firm.

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A Trusted and Dependable Law Firm 

If you are a client who has been in a personal injury accident, you can count on the team at The Eskesen Law Firm. For decades, they have provided high-quality legal services to clients who have been involved in a number of diverse case scenarios, so they are knowledgeable about how to resolve a wide variety of cases. For more information about what kind of personalized legal services that you can receive, you can set up a consultation with one of the lawyers from our firm by giving us a call.


Why Seek Legal Help From A Lawyer 

You are much more likely to get the case results that you are seeking if you choose to get support from a reliable and experienced lawyer. When you seek advice and legal support from a passionate and competent Midtown Manhattan personal injury accident lawyer, they can guide you through every aspect of your case. They can review your case, explain your legal rights, advise you on next steps, and represent you during a trial if necessary. There are many advantages to getting help from a lawyer, so be sure to explore all of your options. 


Types Of Personal Injury Scenarios 

There are many types of personal injury cases. A personal injury case is a case where a victim has suffered harm because of the negligent actions of an individual. Victims who end up in personal injury accidents can suffer minor to severe physical injuries as well as psychological issues as a result. Some common types of personal injury accidents include:


  • Car accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Dog bites
  • Truck accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Workplace accidents


Explore Your Legal Options 

Because proving negligence is difficult, it is helpful to have a lawyer at your side. With help from a seasoned lawyer, you can be confident that you can successfully navigate your case and get the support you need whenever you need it. When there are reliable legal services available, do not pass up the chance to get help. For more information about your case, contact a reputable Midtown Manhattan personal injury lawyer from The Eskesen Law Firm as soon as you can.



At The Eskesen Law Firm, we independently investigate all injury claims that we handle. Our Midtown Manhattan-based law firm is focused on high-quality service and obtaining the maximum compensation our clients deserve. We account for your medical needs, time away from work, daily cost of living expenses, family needs and any psychological damages that you may have suffered, and we fight for your recovery.

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Our attorneys with over 20 years of experience and numerous successes obtaining six- and seven-figure awards on behalf of clients facing challenging circumstances.

We hold negligent and reckless parties accountable for serious injuries. Whether another driver or a defective auto part is found to be the cause of the auto accident, we help you get justice in your best interests. We will stand up to any defense firm to help our clients obtain compensation beyond insurance company offers.

Do not accept an initial insurance company offer regardless of the circumstances. It is critical that you first speak with one of our lawyers, who can help you understand your full rights and interests in an injury claim.

From taxi accidents to truck accidents, we handle all types of vehicle accidents in New York City, including those involving seemingly minor head injuries, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.


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