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Many people use taxis each day to travel to their destination, especially in large cities or other crowded areas, as a Midtown Manhattan, NY taxi accident lawyer knows. Sadly, taxi accidents happen often, and in many cases they can be prevented. Distracted driving and intentional reckless driving are some of the leading causes of many accidents that involve taxis. A taxi accident can be a traumatic experience, and as a victim, you have unique rights that you can exercise. You can receive legal help from a reputable lawyer like one from The Eskesen Law Firm who you can trust to give you the information and guidance that you deserve.

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The legal team at The Eskesen Law Firm have the experience, knowledge and skills that clients can count on to obtain an excellent case outcome. With many decades of legal experience, they understand what it takes for a case to be won. They are highly committed to exploring the best legal strategies so that you can resolve your case successfully. Every client deserves to have a lawyer working at their side to support them every step of the way. If you would like to learn more about our services, gives us a call right away. 


Causes of Taxi Accidents

A taxi accident can happen for many different reasons. Streets can be dangerous because of drivers who act recklessly, or if your taxi driver drives in an unsafe manner. An accident can occur if your driver does not obey traffic laws or chooses to speed. The following are typical causes of numerous types of taxi accidents:

  • Getting picked up or dropped off in an unsafe area
  • Getting struck by traffic while exiting or entering a taxi 
  • Mechanical issues (brake failure, lack of maintenance, etc.)
  • Distracted driving (using a cell phone, GPS, etc.)
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol 

In accident cases where someone was acting recklessly, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a lawyer for further personalized guidance. If you have recently been in an accident involving a taxi and believe that your accident was due to negligent actions, you can receive help from a trusted Midtown Manhattan taxi accident lawyer and they can help pursue the responsible parties who can be held liable. 

Hiring a lawyer who has specific experience representing victims of taxi accidents can make a huge difference in your case outcome. Because they are highly familiar with how taxi accident cases are handled, they are better equipped to assist you. You are more likely to get a higher compensation amount if you choose an experienced lawyer. 


Receive Legal Assistance

If you were run over by a taxi or were seriously injured while using a taxi, you may be eligible to recover numerous economic and non-economic damages. To learn more information about quality legal services that you can receive from a lawyer that many clients trust, contact a Midtown Manhattan taxi accident lawyer from The Eskesen Law Firm immediately. 




At The Eskesen Law Firm, we independently investigate all injury claims that we handle. Our Midtown Manhattan-based law firm is focused on high-quality service and obtaining the maximum compensation our clients deserve. We account for your medical needs, time away from work, daily cost of living expenses, family needs and any psychological damages that you may have suffered, and we fight for your recovery.

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Our attorneys with over 20 years of experience and numerous successes obtaining six- and seven-figure awards on behalf of clients facing challenging circumstances.

We hold negligent and reckless parties accountable for serious injuries. Whether another driver or a defective auto part is found to be the cause of the auto accident, we help you get justice in your best interests. We will stand up to any defense firm to help our clients obtain compensation beyond insurance company offers.

Do not accept an initial insurance company offer regardless of the circumstances. It is critical that you first speak with one of our lawyers, who can help you understand your full rights and interests in an injury claim.

From taxi accidents to truck accidents, we handle all types of vehicle accidents in New York City, including those involving seemingly minor head injuries, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.


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Following a Taxi Accident in New York: What to Do

Your Midtown Manhattan, NY taxi accident lawyer knows that experiencing a taxi accident in New York can be a disorienting and stressful event. It is essential to know what steps to take immediately after the accident to protect your well-being, document the incident, and ensure that you receive the necessary medical care and compensation. If you are hoping to file an injury claim following the accident, reach out to The Eskesen Law Firm for help.

Ensure Safety:

Your safety should be the top priority. If you or anyone involved in the accident requires immediate medical attention, call 911 without delay. Move to a safe location away from traffic if possible, and turn on hazard lights to alert other drivers.

Contact Authorities:

Notify the police about the accident, regardless of its severity. The police will document the incident and create an official report. This report will be valuable when filing an insurance claim or seeking legal recourse.

Document the Scene:

Take photographs of the accident scene, including the damage to all vehicles involved, any visible injuries, and the surrounding environment. These visual records can serve as valuable evidence later.

Seek Medical Attention:

Even if you don’t have immediate visible injuries, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some injuries may not be apparent immediately but can manifest later. Visit a doctor or go to the nearest hospital for a thorough examination. Follow all recommended treatments and keep records of your medical visits, diagnoses, and treatment plans.

Notify Your Insurance Company:

Contact your insurance provider to report the accident. Provide them with all relevant details, including the police report, photographs, and any medical documentation. It is essential to notify your insurance company promptly to initiate the claims process.

Consult with a lawyer:

If the accident resulted in serious injuries or significant damages, consult with a Midtown Manhattan taxi accident lawyer who specializes in taxi accidents. A lawyer can provide guidance, protect your legal rights, and assist in navigating the complex legal processes to seek fair compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Preserve Evidence:

Keep all documents related to the accident in a safe place. This includes medical records, police reports, photographs, insurance correspondence, and any other relevant documentation. These records will be important when building your case and seeking compensation.

Follow Legal Deadlines:

Be aware of the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York. Generally, you have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Failing to meet this deadline may result in the loss of your right to seek compensation.

Dealing with the aftermath of a taxi accident can be emotionally and physically challenging. Take care of yourself by seeking support from loved ones, considering therapy if needed, and following the prescribed medical treatment plan. Prioritize your well-being throughout the recovery process. It’s crucial to prioritize your safety, gather information, seek medical attention, document the incident, notify your insurance company, and consult with a lawyer if necessary. By taking these steps, you can protect your rights. Reach out to The Eskesen Law Firm to speak with our Midtown Manhattan taxi accident lawyer now.

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