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Portuguese Speaking Slip And Fall Lawyer New York City, NY

New York City Portuguese Speaking Slip And Fall Lawyer

slip and fall accident

When Slip And Fall Accidents Occur

It may be a good idea to contact a New York City, NY Portuguese speaking slip and fall lawyer if you are in need of legal help after a slip and fall incident. Finding the right legal counsel can be a tiresome and difficult process. A slip and fall accident can happen due to a number of causes, such as a wet floor, spilled beverages, exposed wires and other hidden hazards. It can take a split second for slip and fall accidents to happen, and they can result in serious injuries such as fractures and sprains. If your accident could have been prevented, a lawyer can determine who the negligent party is so that you can recover damages.

Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall

Not many people know what to do immediately following a slip and fall accident. Being aware of the steps to take is critical if you hope to maximize your compensation. One of the first things to do after such incidents is to seek medical attention. If you do not get treatment right away, other parties like the insurance company may argue that you did not suffer sufficient injuries, so you do not deserve as much compensation.It is also important to document your injuries and take plenty of photos of the accident area as well.

Common Mistakes 

There are many mistakes that slip and fall victims make, as a New York City Portuguese speaking slip and fall lawyer is aware of. While these mistakes seem minor, they can greatly impact the outcome of your case, and even result in significantly less compensation. One mistake is exaggerating your injuries and stating false statements. This could result in getting your case thrown out. Failing to report your accident right away to the supervisor or property owner is another big mistake that victims make. Be mindful of such mistakes so that you do not do anything to weaken your case.

The Impact of Language Barriers

When you do not speak the same language as your lawyer or if you are not as fluent in their language, receiving legal assistance can be made even more challenging. You should have a lawyer like one from The Eskesen Law Firm who can explain the complex legal terms in a way that you can understand so that you are aware of the entire legal process and can make the right decisions based on the counsel you have.

Contact A Qualified Lawyer 

A slip and fall accident is fairly common, so you should be prepared and be knowledgeable about what to do in case you become a victim. Be sure to do your research and find a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to handle your case efficiently and secure a successful outcome. Learn more about how you can get in touch with a competent and qualified New York City Portuguese speaking slip and fall lawyer from The Eskesen Law Firm if you hope to file a claim after suffering injuries from a slip and fall accident.

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