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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a taxi cab, our New York City, NY taxi accident lawyer can help you secure justice and crucial financial compensation. Taxis are an extremely popular method of transportation in New York City, and their frequent use means that accidents involving taxis occur every day in the city. Navigating the complex questions of liability in a taxi accident on your own can be difficult for victims. Our taxi accident lawyer has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible and recover financially after an accident. To discuss your case and how we can assist you, contact The Eskesen Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Liability In Taxi Accidents

Due to the presence of multiple parties in the accident, determining liability in taxi accidents can be more complicated than most accidents. Our New York City taxi accident lawyer will investigate your accident, gather evidence, and determine the full extent of liability across multiple parties for your accident. Some parties that can be found liable for a taxi accident include the taxi driver, other drivers, the taxi cab company, the taxi cab manufacturer, or government entities.

The taxi driver or another driver can be found liable for the accident if their negligent or reckless driving contributed to the accident. The taxi cab company may be found liable if they are found to have engaged in negligent hiring or training or unsafe business practices regarding their cars and their drivers. The taxi cab manufacturer may be found liable if a vehicle malfunction caused the accident. A government entity can be found liable if poor or unsafe road conditions contributed to the accident. With the large number of factors that can potentially contribute to a taxi accident, having experienced legal assistance with determining liability is crucial as you pursue compensation.

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Recovering Compensation For Your Injuries

Compensation recovered by victims of taxi accidents will vary from case to case depending on the specific circumstances of the accident and details of the injuries and losses suffered. Our New York City taxi accident lawyer will aggressively pursue the full amount of compensation that you deserve in order to cover the costs of your recovery and help you get your life back on track after an accident. This compensation often covers losses such as medical bills and expenses, rehabilitation and therapy, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. To discuss your case and the compensation that you may be eligible for, contact a taxi accident lawyer today.

The Importance Of Dedicated Legal Representation

In the aftermath of a taxi accident, seeking financial recovery alongside your physical and mental recovery can be a daunting task. Our taxi accident lawyer will fight for your financial recovery so that you can focus on your physical and mental recovery. Do not hesitate to seek legal assistance. Our team is ready to offer the dedicated, passionate, and personalized assistance that you need after an accident. Contact The Eskesen Law Firm today to schedule a consultation and take a crucial step on the path to recovery after a taxi accident.


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