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New York, NY 10123

New York, NY 10123 ZIP Code 10123 is located in New York, New York, specifically within New York County, and it’s part of the Metro New York City region. It is classified as a STANDARD type of ZIP Code.

Around ZIP Code 10123 in New York, there are several iconic landmarks that capture the essence of the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. Here’s a glimpse of some notable attractions:

  • Queensboro Bridge: An iconic suspension bridge that connects Manhattan and Queens, offering stunning views of the NYC skyline. It’s a marvel of engineering and a symbol of the city’s progress​​.
  • Apollo Theater: Located in Harlem, this legendary music venue has hosted some of the most iconic names in American music, making it a cultural landmark and a must-visit for music enthusiasts​​.
  • Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine: Known as the world’s largest Gothic cathedral, this architectural masterpiece features stunning works of art and provides a peaceful oasis in the city​​.
  • Lincoln Center: This performing and visual arts complex houses world-class venues like the Metropolitan Opera House and the Julliard School, offering a wide range of cultural performances​​.
  • South Street Seaport: A historic area in Lower Manhattan that’s been revitalized with a Culture District, dine-in movie theater, and other attractions, offering a blend of history and modern entertainment​​.
  • Central Park: An expansive and beloved urban park that offers a green retreat in the middle of the bustling city, with countless areas to explore, from lakes and gardens to trails and playgrounds​​​​.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: One of the world’s largest and most prestigious art museums, located on the edge of Central Park, housing over two million works of art spanning 5,000 years of world culture​​​​.
  • Brooklyn Bridge: An architectural wonder and a historical landmark that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Walking or biking across this bridge offers breathtaking views and a unique perspective of the city​​.
  • Grand Central Terminal: More than just a transit hub, this architectural marvel in Midtown Manhattan boasts a celestial ceiling, exquisite sculptures, and a vibrant atmosphere with shops and eateries​​.
  • September 11 Memorial: A poignant tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, located at the World Trade Center site. The memorial features two reflecting pools set in the footprints of the original Twin Towers​​.

Each of these landmarks offers a distinct experience that captures the spirit of New York City, from its architectural grandeur and historical significance to its cultural richness and natural beauty.


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Local laws for ZIP Code 10123 in New York would generally align with New York City and New York State laws, as ZIP codes do not have unique laws. Legal matters in this area would be subject to NYC’s regulations on housing, business operations, traffic, public behavior, and more. For specific legal inquiries or concerns within ZIP Code 10123, consulting with a local law firm, like The Eskesen Law Firm, or accessing the NYC government’s official website for the most current information and legal resources is advisable.

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