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Mr Eskesen was extremely helpful and knowedgeable involving two seperate litigations in which I was involved. . I have dealt with several attorneys in business matters over the decades but he went the extra mile to make sure my questions were answered. He was truly interested in my concerns and attorneys like him are rare and far between. I would highly recommend him to friends and family for legal matters.

– Barry Rogers

Great Attorney, Extremely Helpful, Knowledgeable and Professional

We hired Frank Eskesen to represent us, when I was involved in a Serious Auto accident while working in New York. I was driving a Tractor Trailer Truck and was ran into a Jersey Wall by another Tractor Trailer Truck. Police Report was not complete and even though the fact seems like they would be obvious. They were not. We ended up having a long & drawn out case. I had numerous medical issues, involving my neck, knees & shoulder/back area. I had to get, so far, a Neck Surgery, Knee surgery for torn meniscus, 2 Neck Injections, many Knee injections. Therapy, Pain Meds, etc. With that being said that was constant back & forth communication with our Attorney, whom was always reachable directly. Before every procedure, Dr. visit, follow up, etc. We had to get Approval for the service from the Workman’s comp Insurance. Frank & his team were on it, and definitely made it easier and quicker. Since I was going to most likely need medical treatment for my issues ongoing, Frank had to express the details of what my life was going to be like and the emotional, pain & suffering that I had incurred, and how it also impacted my family, and life. Certain activities that I would not be able to ever do again. His tenacity proceeded him and he made things happen, including extensive research to make sure that we did get what was a fair settlement for all the damages that occurred. We ended up with a very reasonable settlement and consistent communication with Frank. He was a marvelous attorney, and we would definitely recommend him over & over again. If you want results, diligence & Professionalism, then Frank Eskesen is who you want to be by your side, and representing you for any of your Legal needs.

– Steve & Teresa

Professional, Caring & Diligent, Attorney

My experience with Attorney Joseph Parise has been nothing but pleasant, professional, and informative. Everything was explained clearly and honestly in regards to what was going on and with what to expect. He is very diligent and hard working. I never once had to reach out to him to inquire about what was happening. I was always updated and kept aware of anything that was needed or what I should be expecting. He kept a professional relationship with all parties involved which made the process seamless. You can’t go wrong with him in your corner!

– Anthony Barbieri

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I worked with Frank Eskesen on my auto accident case. He and his staff were always very compassionate and took the time to answer all my questions. I felt very informed and comfortable throughout the entire case. I was more than pleased with the result I achieved. He treated me like family, which is why I would strongly recommend The Eskesen Firm to my friends and family if they ever need help.

– Ana Billini

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

From my initial call to the in person visit, their very professional, nice & helpful. You know they do care about you. I’m very honored to have the pleasure of doing business with this Law Firm, I highly recommend them & appreciate the service. They actually listen to you and return calls, when your told someone will call you back. Good people & family oriented.

– Marilyn McFarlan


Mr Eskesen clearfied clearly the pros and cons on the options I had in my case. Ultimately I made a well informed decision and it was expedited as he said I’m completely satisfied with the outcome of my case thanks to his professionalism.

– Maria Alvarenga

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Overall excellent in all the ways..! Joseph was thorough, patient, professional, always available when I called & and most important of all – he won my case!!

– Nikki

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

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