3 Main Causes of Accidents in New York City

New York City is notorious for the number of car accidents that happen daily on the streets and highways in and around the city. The sheer number of cars that crowd New York City plays a significant role in the number of accidents. According to the New York State Department of Health, car accidents kill over 1,000 New York residents every year. So, other than the number of cars on the road, what are the primary causes of traffic accidents in NYC?

1. Distracted Driving

The Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research found that New York police officers issued almost 200,000 tickets for cell phone violations alone. Distracted driving is responibel for 9% of all fatal crashes in the country, and New York City is far from immune. Cell phone usage, eating, adjusting the radio, or anything else that pulls the driver's attention from the road is dangerous and potentially fatal.

1. Speeding

Throughout the city, 25 mph is the speed limit on most streets, unless another limit is posted. However, commercial vehicles such as taxis, delivery trucks, and ride-for-hire vehicles like Uber and Lyft often disregard the speed limit to reach their destinations quickly. Commuters also often ignore the posted speed limit in an effort to get to work on time, avoid missing the train or bus, or simply out of habit.

3. Impaired Driving

There is no argument that drugs and alcohol slow reaction time and contribute to accidents. The blood alcohol content (BAC) limits in New York are:

  • .08 percent for those 21 and older
  • .04 percent for those operating a commercial vehicle
  • .02 percent for anyone under the age of 21

You can help avoid becoming a statistic by avoiding distracted driving, speeding, or driving while impaired, but there is little you can do to avoid being the victim of someone else's reckless decisions. If you have been injured in a New York City car accident caused by someone else's negligence, contact the Eskensen Law Firm for a free consultation.

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